Believe Nothing Until It’s Been Officially Denied


The post title is something I recall attributed  to journalist Claud Cockburn; turns out the origin is a little more complicated…anyway…Trump is officially denying the effort to staff the incoming administration is a cross between The Night of the Long Knives and Operation Stumblebum. Be your own judge.

Last week I speculated they’d try to buy some time/breathing room by insisting they’ve inherited a colossal mess. That’s still possible, but I think we’ve also seen a bit of if not deer-in-the-headlights, then dog-that-finally-caught-the-car. Other than a few personal tweets, there’s been no pushback on the troubling-if-not-frightening report that Trump really IS presently unsuited for anything besides photo-ops…and that the Obama administration is embarking on what amounts to a cram-session/crash course to do what they can before January 20th.

Hmmm…I wonder if the Democrats will be pressured into accepting dubious Cabinet and other Executive appointees based on the fact that the top of the ticket is…scarily unqualified (and, in contrast, recall the extreme GOP opposition to any/all Obama Executive appointments). Less honeymoon and more toddler/training wheels.

Of course, given it’s Trump, I’d say be goddamned careful about just how much room you want to give the guy. At a certain point, and much, much earlier than is prudent, he’s likely to think/insist he’s got a lock on the position…and that’s when things gets scary. It’s going to be a bumpy ride regardless, but…