If Caligula Means Little Boots


What’s Latin for Little Hands?  Tiny Fingers?

Little Gloves? I guess Little Mittens would only be confusing.

Anyway, hope you have a pleasant holiday, particularly if you’re traveling and especially if you’re spending time in Trump territory. I’ve got a nice bottle of wine (ok, two)…that ought to smooth things over for the duration.


2 thoughts on “If Caligula Means Little Boots

  1. I was thinking about Trump little hands and little Boots with Caligula…. Can you make a meme about this? …. Remember that Caligula wage a war with Poseidon and had his Army attack and stab the Ocean….I only hope Trump only war is on Twitter.. Trump does fit Caligula


  2. Don Brown says:

    Caestula – from the Latin for “Glove” (caestu) and the diminutive suffix “ula”… Literally: “Little Glove”.


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