Gary Busey Wasn’t Available?


Roy Moore is on the short list to replace Jeff Sessions. Yeah, that Roy Moore.

Christ, seems like every day it’s something else piling on. I won’t lie: since the election, I’ve been letting myself get distracted by all sorts of things (including some sort of small animal that invaded my attic this week…anyone know how to get rid of a squirrel, or maybe a bat? Am open to suggestions).

Anyway, beats the hell out of having to actually consider the next four — or, lord forbid, eight — years of wingnut kleptocracy and Banana Republicanism … voted in by a constituency that must have thought George W. Bush was too nuanced and restrained. Avert my eyes/somebody tell me when it’s finally over. But that’s what they’re counting on, along with a weak-to-non-existent official opposition and an elite media/press that made a Faustian bargain long ago…and shows no sign of reneging/regret.

Sorry to repeat, but it’s going to be a long four years…and hopefully NOT an even longer eight.

One thought on “Gary Busey Wasn’t Available?

  1. This whole administration is turning into one big joke. I have tried to avoid paying too much attention and mostly just read my twitter feed. That too, is quite depressing. As a two time cancer survivor I’m wondering why I bothered. I’m so goddamn depressed I just want to become like all those cocooned motherfuckers who just decided that some guy on TV has to be better than the black guy who made their lives substantially better than they would have been otherwise. Fuck all this shit. I have no idea how you fight it.
    Have a Happy Holiday. 🙂

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