Wingnut Beer Goggles


Athenae wrote about this Tuesday; The Atlantic also brought it up, others reflected on the tendency towards tribal loyalty and how it shapes perception

Fake news/propaganda/spin has always been around. I could go back further, but there were the five o’clock follies in Saigon, Ron Zieglar’s ever more dadaist dismissals and denials re: Watergate (and the subsequent effort to label it a “third rate burglary”)…WMD, last throes, and the outward scorn that (probably Rove) evinced towards “the reality based community” back in the days of Mission Accomplished…so it’s not real surprising that we now have The Cult of the Donald. particularly in an era when corporate media has sold what’s left of its soul for ratings and access.

But…cult or not, facts are stubborn (or, during The Cult of the Ronald, stupid) things. And the facts can form the basis of, if not eliminating The Cult of the Donald, at least keeping it in check/undercutting it. Because, despite the decades long smear campaign against Hillary Clinton (and, by extension, the Democratic Party), the Trump cult was outvoted…and when reality overcomes tribalist myth, it’s as likely as not that The Donald will crash and burn like plenty of other wingnut icons (offhand, I’m thinking of a former Loosiana [sic] governor who rode in like a conquering hero … but eventually slunk away universally hated).

Can’t say I’m very optimistic…but I still think history and facts are on our side…

One thought on “Wingnut Beer Goggles

  1. Your points are true and well. I see a larger, but related problem. The beast is now empowered.

    The worst nature of the least informed has been given license to hate. History does not show good results from this sort of thing. An accounting of facts on the floor of the senate will not change a single mind. Any news that doesn’t fit the narrative is now “fake news”, even if comes from c-span.

    The truth is effectively variable in our society now. I wonder how that might play out in the long run. I think the US is in for some interesting times as the old Chinese curse says.

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