So, the dumpster fire that is the incoming administration shows no signs of letting up with Rick Perry’s discovery of additional —  some of us might think basic — duties of the Energy Department (who knows, before it’s all over Rick might also finally realize what it means when they say neither Holy, nor Roman, etc.).

But, par for the course: Education Secretary designate DeVos was, well, schooled, Tom Price demonstrated what sort of man he is (and now we’re just haggling)…and further evidence of global warming was revealed even as…damn, in just over 24 hours…someone who claims it’s all a Chinese plot to damage American industry is sworn into office.

I only hope, particularly given the record low approval ratings, that we aren’t forced to endure yet another pious lecture about the need to humbly listen to and heed the alleged wisdom of the Trump bloc…the sort of wisdom expressed in vehement hatred of all that is Obamacare while insisting that, no, the ACA is something different…(first cousin to “get the government’s hands off my Medicare”)…a voting bloc that pretty soon might find itself on the chopping block.

Buckle up…

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