“The Twilight Zone”


That was Dan Rather’s observation on the Rachel Maddow show last night (video link… last week Charles Pierce –I think — also referenced the show); and yeah, in some ways it seems like were at the beginning of an episode, where the premise is set — in this case, alternative facts, the steady stream of reactionary executive orders, the bizarro speech at Langley last week, the tweets (hmm…no one who screamed loud and long about HRC’s emails seems to care about Trump using an unsecured phone…), etc.

To be fair, we’re only a week in — and, to also be fair, thank heavens we’ve survived it…what now, only 207 or so more? And there is strong opposition to Trump, for all the right reasons (though, sadly, the Democratic Party…isn’t exactly opposing…goddamn, Democrats — also a video link).

But…what happens when presidenting…gets difficult? And it will. Obama once mentioned (and I think JFK did as well) that by the time something reaches the Oval Office desk it is by definition difficult — otherwise it would be taken care of at a lower level. Trump still shows no sign at all of grasping that, and no indication he ever will.

Four years (or 207 weeks) can’t come fast enough…