Democrats Need A Wartime Consigliere


Not that Sonny Corleone is someone you want to regularly take advice from, but…the hostage has long since been shot, the traditions, for whatever they were worth, have been trashed. Whatever Trump is, he’s not not the flip side of the coin. It’s an outrageous insult to suggest he’s their Obama or Clinton…

This is the end product of what Charles Pierce calls the prion disease infecting the Republican Party since they “ate the monkey brains” and went all in on Ronald Reagan. Every move since then has been a doubling down. Every move made by Karl Rove channeling his inner Lee Atwater…every defeat responded to with…more crazy, finally culminating in a preference and VERY lucky win for the self-admitted pussy grabber over a candidate they explicitly labeled “that bitch.” (or worse). A giant fuck all to everything, even at the expense — should it come to that — of our own prosperity. No, you don’t do business with the devil, or with his orange hued errand boy.

Don’t give in. Oppose…and in two years/four years/six years/every election cycle following: outvote.

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