Don’t Negotiate With Terrori– Tortoises


That is to say, this guy.

McConnell’s a cynical shitheel — not really news there — and according to some, his condescending, arrogant, and just plain assholish behavior towards Elizabeth Warren serves a larger purpose: to force the Democratic Party into an “extreme” position come the next election cycle.

Wow. Elizabeth Warren is now their definition of extreme. That’s the flip side of the coin that seeks to normalize Donald Trump (oh, and look at Lindsay Graham, setting a speed record for slithering as tries to get back into the good graces of the Trump-branded GOP).

So…no, it’s not war, but it’s a pivotal time. Compromise is not an option. Trump’s the most visible symptom of the lunacy, but the entire party’s gone off the rails/eaten the monkey brains/drunk gallons of the Kool-Aid and is now swimming in Olympic-sized vats of the stuff. They’re playing to THEIR base, which is, well…the bloc that votes in Trump, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton…Mitch McConnell…a base that gleefully chants “lock her up” (or worse) about Hillary Clinton. A base that thinks Elizabeth Warren is extreme…or worse. Wanna bet McConnell will do all he can to tie Warren to HRC?

So Democrats — if you prefer, progressives, or even the dreaded L-word libruls — need to motivate our base…especially given, for starters, we outnumber them. We also have ethics, justice, logic, science and reason — even morality (wingnut Christians who voted Trump should be scorned and derided). Oppose Trump, and his asshole toadies like Mitch…proudly and loudly embrace the values of Elizabeth Warren.

Let’s find out where the country wants to go — our way or theirs. Obviously I hope it’s our way. But at least we’ll know…and if necessary, realize we’ll need to make some serious decisions should it break in the other direction.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Negotiate With Terrori– Tortoises

  1. I believe that I am as supportive of Sen. Warren as anyone can be. I approve of pretty much everything she does/has done. But I sincerely hope she is not running for 2020. I think she can do so much more good in the Senate where she can remain and build power/influence on behalf of us all for years to come. The Senate is such a snakepit and we need good people of honor and integrity there so badly. Such people are thin on the ground these days but Liz Warren is one and should remain where she can do the most good.

    Unless, of course, there is a chance to put her on the Court. Personally, I’d like her to remain in the Senate until she’s 150 and then spend the rest of her life, her “golden years,” on the Court.

  2. We… outnumber… them… !?!!?

    Dude. You don’t properly understand ANY of those words. Put accurate numbers on each of those words, and you’ll begin to see the real USA.

    I love ya, man. But you need to do this.

    1. Outnumbered them by 2.9 million votes in the last national election. You can probably add some non-voters, and possibly — possibly — a few Stein or Johnson supporters…a few.

      Sure, Trump gets to hold the office because of outdated, arcane rules. But he lost the vote…

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