Gun Nuts


Maybe the GOP-controlled Congress wanted to prove they too could mix elements of incompetent stumblebum and amoral jackassery … or maybe they just did it for, I dunno, fuck’s sake … but they voted to remove restrictions on buying guns for individuals who qualify for mental illness Social Security disability.

Or maybe they consider it a basic constituent service, i.e., you’d have to be nuts to vote for these nitwits.

The doubling down on stupid has gotten so extreme that in Michigan they’re even floating the idea of Kid Rock for US Senate, which makes me shudder to think what they might have in mind for Ted Nugent.

Sure, so far Trump et al have been merely superlative boors, which I expect delights their base, but so far they haven’t actually had any kind of honest-to-goodness crisis that unfortunately tends to happen in the reality-based world…and with all indications suggesting that comparisons to Warren Harding might be unfair to Harding and that the benchmark for Trump isn’t even George W. Bush, but James Buchanan…



One thought on “Gun Nuts

  1. Here in Jesusland (AL), there is an upcoming town hall – at a shooting range. Of course it is.

    I didn’t enjoy shopping before. I hate to run through the grocery store like a commando – ‘GET TO DA MINIVAN!’ – but where else is this headed, but more crossfire moments.

    As frustrating as it is, I will keep explaining to the gun worshippers, calmly and with very small words: “Here’s a room with children playing with blocks. Here’s another room with children playing with loaded guns. Which one is safer…?”

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