Duck and Cover?


No surprise, I agree with Adrastos: Senate Democrats should filibuster seat-stealing plagiarist Neil Gorsuch and call Mitch-the-Turtle’s bluff. As far as decorum or traditions are concerned, that bridge was burned some time ago, with plenty of evidence that it was McConnell himself playing a major role as arsonist.

And aside from his not-entirely-original writing, I think we should note Gorsuch’s own actions and behavior. I read somewhere he placed a courtesy call to Merrick Garland immediately following his own nomination…well, goody for him…and while I’m well aware that the brass ring of a Supreme Court seat is quite a prize for a career judge, the fact that Gorsuch, aside from a phone call, hasn’t shown…to my knowledge, any…mixed feelings about accepting a stolen seat speaks volumes.

McConnell invoking the nuclear option on Supreme Court seats WILL suck as long as Trump or Pence is in position to nominate wingnut justices…but…maybe this will finally light a fire under Democratic voters…and if it doesn’t, well…shit.

One thought on “Duck and Cover?

  1. A suggestion that we just refer to the newest member as Justice Affirmative Action Hire.

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