Playin’ around in Playacar

As promised last week, pics of previous trips to the Iberostar Quetzal in Playa Del Carmen. Some pics from this trip next Monday,  then back to the depths of Hell  Free Republic.








More below the fold, if you like…










One last pic – as you can see below, instead of paving over the jungle with concrete and marble, they have left it alone in the center of the resort, and howler monkey families live in the trees there. At night, the stone central pathways through the jungle are gently illuminated.

(The resort workers are wonderful, and we tip like crazy)


There’s one more resort to the South in the Playacar area (on the left of the red-roofed Iberostar in the pic below), and then – nothing but jungle.




We’re on the plane flying down as you read this, and plan to do a whole bunch of nothing for 11 days.

See you soon!



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  1. willis says:

    Good for you, unwind a little before climbing back into the pit!

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