Don’t Let The Door Hit You…


To the extent that my .000002 cents worth could be piling on…sure, why the hell not? O’Reilly really is a cynical sack of shit, both in public and apparently in private as well, so a kick or two on his way out the door is the least he deserves…

Of course, this is also a convenient way for Faux Noise to drop an aging and over-the-hill voice anyway (not to mention that Bill’s slightly less sycophantic than other Faux, um, talent? — see Hannity, Sean — when it comes to Maximum Leader Trump)…so this is as good a time as any for his graying head to roll. And it’s not like there won’t be, I don’t know, the usual: books, interviews (will be interesting to see how he handles hostile questions…assuming he gets any)…between that and whatever money doesn’t get doled out in various settlements…the only punishment, which I guess is better than nothing at all, is the knowledge that Faux cut bait/axed him.

And handed his slot to Tucker Carlson. Laff: axed a dick, replaced him with a weenie. Hope that burns at a little.

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