Nixonian…Yes, But…


…not to get all Slate magazine style contrarian; however…I see Trump as more…banana republic, or banana republican…the nepotism, the comic degree of his buffoonish ignorance. Berlusconian, if that’s a word.

Nixon, for all his faults, and god did he have faults, was still someone I can at least picture as President of the United States, deeply flawed but nonetheless intelligent, driven to, if not greatness, achievement…his massive flaws made for high drama…

Trump in contrast is low farce, POTUS as pro-wrestling, a funeral dirge played by kazoos, a cartoon figure so obviously tied to Russia it wouldn’t surprise me if he signs an executive orders demanding the capture of moose and squirrel, and for changing the Capitol dome to an onion dome (of course he’d stiff the contractors).

And…no tears for Comey. Yeah, it reeks to high heaven that he got the boot just as he began to take a serious look at Moscow-on-the-Potomac, but goddamn, he’s otherwise been such a pussy he should be worried Trump would grab him.

Meanwhile…again, the country can lurch along like this, and it’ll sell newspapers/drive traffic to websites…but given how painfully obvious it is that this gang could fuck up a two-car motorcade, lord help us if/when an actual crisis hits…

3 thoughts on “Nixonian…Yes, But…

  1. Snarki, child of Loki says:

    Nixon: tragic opera: an outsize figure brought down by his personal flaws.

    Trump: Benny Hill 2017.

    I, for one, look forward to Trump riding a bicycle with a loose seat attachment.

  2. MichaelF says:

    “Trump: Benny Hill 2017” — exactly. Wrote a couple preliminary notes that included “Yackety Sax” to describe Trump relative to Nixon. And sure, a loose seat would be nice…I’d settle for his reality television show Apprentice POTUS being cancelled.

  3. Ten Bears says:

    … such a pussy he should be worried Trump would grab him …

    That is so going to get used down at The Pub this afternoon.

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