Opening Act


No, not Gallant’s upcoming testimony and must-see TV appearance — barring any breaking news, it should be the one of the headlines keeping the chattering classes busy (along with, one can hope, Theresa May’s ongoing re-enactment of the Hindenburg disaster); but since Adrastos mentioned his own interest I’ll wait for his words on both…and keep my own comments brief.

Certainly I’d like to see Gallant’s, um, Comey’s testimony leave a mark: anything to keep Orange Narcissus on the defensive is a good thing. That said, Comey is a major reason why we’re dealing with Team Trump in the first place. Thanks a lot…if only I could say “thanks for nothing,” but from day one it’s been much worse than nothing…a disaster. A tremendous, huge, total disaster.

With somewhat diminished expectations, my assumption if not wish is for a bigger (bigly?) version of Bridgegate: the lack of an actual smoking gun in the form of a a tape or text message allowed Christie to survive…though in a significantly degraded state. Of course, if there is a smoking gun in the form of a (pee) tape or whatever else…(never thought I’d think/say that, to be honest).

However, I’m not holding my breath. Goofus might be a creep, but Gallant, well… Gallant’s a wuss.