Hey, I Can Do A Fake Time Cover, Too


Sure, it’s not as flattering as Orange Narcissus’ vanity piece, but then again, it’s not as fake. McConnell/Trumpcare IS about as popular as Ebola, clocking in somewhat shy of  20 percent support (come to think of it, that’s close to where Dick Cheney, the human equivalent of Ebola, registered last I checked).

The BCRA is an accurate reflection of just how empty and vacuous the GOP has become. Sure, it was always a crock, but I’m old enough to remember when supply side had at least a few true believers (I suppose Sam Brownback still falls into that category, but his own legislature is pulling the plug/invoking the mercy rule)…it’s devolved from faster, better, cheaper, pays-for-itself into the usual toxic brew of anger and fear, fuck-you/die-off- poors, our overlords need their tax cuts, besides, what do you want from the government? Justice? Domestic tranquility? General welfare? Blessings of liberty? How about a shit sandwich…and get back to work, if you’re lucky enough to have a job.

Unfortunately, there are still enough people willing to go along — enough to win a national election (well, on a technicality). And enough dirtbags like McConnell to ram through the Ebola/Dick Cheney of healthcare “reform” if they can somehow find any kind of opening to slither through. I’ll give them credit for zombie-like persistence, even as their ideas are just as dead, or maybe I should say undead…