“He Has Forbidden Us To Indulge Our Time Honored Pastime Of Hippie Punching”


Ah, if only the Founders had considered movement conservatives when drafting the document…

OK, I exaggerate — a little — but the reaction to NPR’s Twitter feed speaks volumes about the political if not mental state of Wingnutistan or at least some more extreme elements.

Not recognizing large portions of The Declaration of Independence isn’t that uncommon. I’d guess most people, if they even know that much, might recall “all men are created equal…” and pretty much nothing else. And I’ll also guess there might be some confusion over the Declaration and the Constitution…after all, two centuries plus is, for them, like forever…hell, for all I know, they might lump the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Gospels, and dinosaurs into the same it-was-long-long-ago category that they file whatever else qualifies as “thinking” about the past in their book.

I do wonder if the reaction would’ve been different had Public Radio dropped a few ringers into the feed, say, anything in support of or threatening to what I call the Four Redneck Freedoms (Firearms, Fireworks, Firewater…and Fire itself), or maybe something like the title above — just a little red meat to sink their teeth into. But…nah. In fact, I’m a little surprised you had that many wingers paying that much attention to commie NPR, though perhaps it feeds their never ending addiction to fake outrage and playing the victim.

One thought on ““He Has Forbidden Us To Indulge Our Time Honored Pastime Of Hippie Punching”

  1. pansypoo says:

    history is for liberal pussies yah know.


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