Twitter Twits


OK, I exaggerate a little — best as I can tell, neither Manafort nor Kushner use Twitter, while Eric — who I think of as Zombie Fredo, based on his pasty countenance and dead eyes…Junior’s been called Fredo, but in my mind he’s more of a mutant/monstrous hybrid of Sonny and Carlo…anyway, Eric’s been kind of lost in the glare lately…and sorry to digress on such a tangent.

So…thanks to screenshots, we’ve got a serious race for, if not this year, at least this week’s Top Twit (I’ll let Adrastos determine if he’s also a malaka). And on a level of sheer magnitude-8.0-or-greater stupid, it’s damn hard to argue: son Trumps father, pun not necessarily intentional but why not use it since it fits?

But just like Rick and Ilsa always had Paris, thanks to enough wingers in the right States plus quirks in the election rules/technicalities, we’re stuck with Orange Narcissus. I think Junior may have won the week, but dad still owns the lifetime achievement crown…and even offered some stiff competition for the smaller title until Little Donald blew him out of the water…