Deplorable Enough For You?


Last weekend we got a not-so-gentle reminder of the sorts who comprise the base of the Trump-flavored GOP…and according to the POTUS himself, despite some pretty compelling evidence otherwise, not ALL of them are Kluxers, bigots, and neo-Nazis. So, there. That’s his story, he’s sticking to it…and none other than David Dukkke himself is grateful for our President’s unwavering support.

Which, you’d think/hope, would be more than enough to open their eyes: when Dukkke is on your side…

But this version of the GOP has slid so far down the rabbit hole…whether they want to admit it or not, the allegedly sane ones spent last year defending the notzoid (dangerously nutzoid) base…with the help of a compliant media that went out of its way to force an apology … from CLINTON (basket of deplorables now seems like an understatement in retrospect).

And…it’s only been a little over six months. The ride still has some distance to go…ouch.