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And Rush would likely be the first to victim-blame anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in desperate need of supplies like water, batteries, or anything else.

So, take The First Step, Rush. Storms like Hurricane Irma are no joke. Ask anyone who’s survived one. Hell, where I live, we’ve only had two small (Category 1) storms in recent years, but they were scary enough. In 2008 the house shook badly and I vividly remember the proverbial “sounds-like-a-freight-train” noise; in 2012 the heavy rain coming down in (at times sideways) sheets seemed like it would never stop.

Afterwards, you’ve got a long clean-up that feels like an ugly hangover … the kind that won’t go away. And let’s see someone like Limbaugh live without electricity for a few days…or more. That gets real old real fast.

Problems don’t end when the media’s moved on to other shiny objects. Texas and Southwest Louisiana are still dealing with the messy post-Harvey cleanup. I’ve got friends living in FEMA trailers from last year’s massive flood…

I’m sure Limbaugh will react to the criticism in his usual way: act the snowflake and retreat to his safe space — oh, he’s just an entertainer, he’s just trying to fill a large block of time on his lengthy show, oh, it’s really the libruls fault for suggesting it’s climate change…always blame the libruls. And his loyal followers will eat it up it just like they’ve swallowed all the other shit he spewed. But geez, when it comes to a monster storm like Irma, just…STFU, and take The First Step.


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  1. The AP had a story on this that quoted Bryan Norcross of the Weather Channel:

    “People may love Rush for many things, but they’re not going to ask him what the pain in their chest is all about,” Norcross said. “They’re going to go to their doctor.”

    Nitwit. There’s a concerted effort to make people distrust the popular media (some distrust the media have unarguably earned). But for things like a hurricane, there will be people looking for any excuse to shelter in place, and pooh-pooh the “warnings” of “experts” who think they know everything that their “house” is going to be “blasted to flinders.”

    “But Rush said . . .”

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