Was Trump Played Like A Cheap Fiddle? Well…


First though, IF some sort of deal was made to extend DACA protections, then good. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live under that kind of stress. I also can’t imagine what it’s like to be so abjectly cruel as to demand deportation (hmmm, what’s the word? Deplorable? Yeah, pretty much).

And … I’ll never cozy up to Pelosi and Schumer, but before anyone writes them off for dealing with The Donald, consider what sort of shit sandwich they were served last November. I guess my advancing age has pushed me into the take-what-you-can-art-of-the-possible-camp…but, I’ll take what I can. Sucks that a combination of arcane election rules, voter suppression, corporate money by the (container) shipload, gerrymandering, etc., have produced a nation both richer than King Midas’ wildest dreams and one that casually accepts, oh, I don’t know, savage inequality, crap (or nonexistent) public goods,  but that’s what we’ve got, and at this point anything that doesn’t shovel more money upwards while kicking the have-nots in the teeth (much) is … if nothing else, a lesser of evils in my book.

Finally, just speculating here, but…I wonder if the latest round of not treating the Democrats like a punching bag has several reasons behind it. Offhand, Mueller’s investigation appears to be swinging into high gear, and Trump might feel like he needs all the breathing room he can muster. Also, while not a Rhodes scholar, neither is he so dim that he can’t realize his Administration is vying with the Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Harding doormats for worst ever. Perhaps he’s desperate enough to do almost anything to weasel out of historical, or legal, judgment. Or maybe he is on some things like a cheap fiddle that can be played…which, if the case, is…better than a shit sandwich. Not by much, but…

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