The Madness of King Don


“Let them eat cake. But only Trump Cake. Because it’s really terrific cake — the best, many people are saying — and believe me, I know cake.” 

Sad to say, I would not have been surprised if Trump had capped off his latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice POTUS by demanding the “lucky” recipients of — towels? — grovel forth and wipe his shoes. As Adrastos notes, it was an ugly parody of Mardi Gras throws, underscored by any number of statements his base might love, but which demonstrate also why his base loves, I don’t know, professional wrestling, massive wrecks at stock car races, etc.

Adding to the toxic mix we’ve got the Secretary of State making what looks like a hostage video where he non-denied calling Trump a moron and Bob Corker (note: both links have embedded video) likewise got a little too candid with what he really thinks of the Executive Branch…not that we didn’t know already, but Little Lord Donald is less actual POTUS and more spoiled brat using the Oval Office as a kind of playpen while the adults do their best to keep his grubby, smeary, stubby little fingers off the fancy stuff (and, heaven help us, the launch codes). I’m actually somewhat comforted by that.

But we’re still not even a year into this grand experiment in American “democracy” (with a lingering aroma of Russian, um, flavoring). And let’s not kid ourselves: the response to the natural disasters is hardly terrific or worth bragging about…and I doubt it will get any better from here. Good luck.