American Gothic Toxic


Somewhere a basket is shy at least two deplorables.

Turns out Trump is … pretty much exactly what we thought he’d be: pathological, narcissistic, toxic … poison

Every morning’s check of headlines brings another another punch to the gut. Yes, that is what his base wanted — for him do to their ideological opponents what they cannot. And to restore what they consider the natural order: them at the top of the social pecking order. Vicariously, if not in any real sense…

Your daily dose of outrage has been the business model of conservative talk radio for decades. Now it is the governing style of the Executive Branch.

Except what the sitting president’s base feeds on is toxic. Something the saner among us eschew for our own mental health. Now, short of going off the grid or retreating to monasteries, it is there every day.

It’s hardly out of character for President Trump. He thanks people for great turnouts at refugee relief centers. He asks people who’ve lost everything whether they’re having a good time.

President Trump is poison. Everything around him gets damaged and degraded. It’s not any one thing. It’s everything. It’s hard to evaluate the dynamics of this call out of the context of waiting ten days, lying about his predecessors, creating this hideous spectacle with John Kelly’s son. Was the family prepped for something off because of the preceding three days? Probably. Was Trump angry about all the criticism? Probably so. It’s a perfect storm. And it all builds out of one man, Donald Trump.

Forget about all the “limited, local” “faster, better, cheaper,” “efficiency of the free market” nonsense. Movement conservatism is, at its root, a lot like Trump himself…petty, vicious, poisonous, toxic, and more than just a little racist. The distilled essence.

And we’re not even one year in…damn.