Marketing Genius


So, the guy who blew up a pro-football league, almost went bankrupt running a casino, and who’s own name/brand-name is now synonymous with crap/junk — but yeah, who managed to convince a bare minimum of people that high office as Amateur Hour was what we needed — now wants to apply his particular set of skills to naming legislation:

About a month into his presidency, Donald Trump hosted a White House meeting with business leaders and boasted, “I’m good at branding.” That may be true, but it’s not clear if the president has other priorities he takes as seriously.

For example, two senior administration officials told ABC News the president is determined to name the Republican tax plan “the Cut Cut Cut Act” – and this does not appear to be a joke.

It’s become a hallmark of Trump’s presidency: how American families’ lives would be affected by various proposals isn’t a subject the amateur president finds especially interesting. But branding and sales pitches are very much in his wheelhouse.

As this applies to the ongoing Republican difficulties in shaping a tax plan, Trump has nothing constructive to offer in terms of policy measures and substantive details, but he’s “holding firm” on supporting a name for the bill that a third grader might’ve come up with.

Christ. If that’s the best you can do, why not go all out: Zima, New Coke, Edsel…or, what the hell, Jeb! That’s available, right?