Some People Like Creepy Clowns, I Guess


And you can read about them here. There’s no accounting for taste. Some people just really, really like creepy clowns, for whatever reason. Maybe they think the creepy clown is going to bring back coal mining jobs, or build a wall to keep the foreigners out, or Make America Great Again…or maybe not, and maybe they don’t really care. The creepy clown is their personal cri de coeur (or, since it’s right wing identity politics, their cri de Coors). They especially like it when the creepy clown lashes out at professional football players because they think the players are acting, you know, uppity.

But most of us don’t like creepy clowns, and we’re pretty appalled that, one, the creepiest clown holds the highest elected office in the land, and two, that his administration is, so far, exactly what you’d expect from a creepy clown bought and paid for with rubles. So a lot of people expressed their profound dislike of creepy clowns in Tuesday’s elections.

True, the areas where voters really came out to vote no aren’t the clown’s strongholds. But it’s good start, and a good reminder that this administration has never had anything even approaching a mandate. He was “elected” thanks to phenomenal luck and quirks in the rules.

And because some folks just want to see the world burn.

But that’s not most of us. And if we get motivated — and vote — we can end the nightmare and embarrassment.

As for the clown lovers, don’t even try to convince them, because logic or reason won’t work.