Here’s Looking Down On You


If you’re going all out to create a New Gilded Age, why not recreate contemporary media and make a cover photo?

Anyway, that’s Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, his wife Cruella, and what looks like the hired help touching vulgar cash (poor people’s cash at that, i.e., singles) for what’s probably the first time in a VERY long while (Mrs. Mnuchin has thoughtfully insulated/protected herself with leather gloves).

It takes work to make Mitt Romney seem like a man of the people…

I dunno, maybe they’re displaying what we non-one percenters might receive from the proposed tax cut, assuming we’re not one of the lucky ones who’ll get to “put more skin in the game.” Gee, almost enough to fill the gas tank once or twice.

Or maybe profound tone-deafness is also a disease of affluence.