Liar, Con Artist, or Delusional, Unhinged?


Whatever, he’s no Vitruvian Man

Another series of reports look at the president’s casual disregard for truth and ask if it’s a bug or feature…the answer of course, no surprise, is both, and that’s why most of us couldn’t quite believe it when he managed to pull off a victory-by-technicality (which only wingers are allowed to claim as victory).

Not that it would ever happen — the political demographics won’t allow it — but if a Democrat pulled off a similar upset, the puke funnel/noise machine would go to eleven. I can picture Faux News in full hostage crisis mode.

Anyway, while, hell yes, we’re concerned that this low-rent intellect-only-matched-by-his-low-rent-character, who can’t make it through a non-partisan ceremonial event without demonstrating just how thoroughly cloddish he is…the thing’s nothing new.

Trump’s always been a mix of vainglorious and shitheel. His association with Roy Cohn speaks volumes, as do his dictator chic residences, as does his history of “lying under oath.” I think John Dean got it spot-on when he said earlier this year that the real worry is when Trump realizes just what he can do. Then it’s all bets are off.

Dean also said it’ll be about “surviving disaster.” Yep.

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