Another Day, Another Facepalm


Pretty much keeping with everything else the pretend president has done over the last year…

Yesterday’s announcement managed to both little more than emptily symbolic as a practical matter while also being gratuitously mean-spirited and unnecessarily callous. In other words, par for the course.

There was the odd conclusion where Trump clearly stumbled over words, leading to speculation about whether he’s hiding a full lower dental plate or maybe a bridge…just me, but…nah, probably not. I do wonder, though, if it’s starting to get to him, at least a little. Even pretending to be president requires a lot more effort than anything I can think of him having done in the last couple of decades. Trump may believe (or get told) he’s a modern day Andrew Jackson, but my own .0000002 cents worth has me leaning more towards Warren Harding, another guy in way-over-his-head who preferred golf to leading the nation.

And Trump is both older and less healthy than Harding…

2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Facepalm

  1. I’m sure I heard Trump end the speech “…God bless the United Church.” The United Church of Christ is one of the denominations of Marble Collegiate Church, where Trump has claimed to worship. It’s as though he lost his thought and his unconscious tried to auto-correct. Much sadder than loose dentures!

  2. The Andy Borowitz explanation was as good as any: the batteries went out on Putin’s remote.

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