When The Law AND The Facts Are Against You…

poundtable_gohmert copy

time to pound the table, as the saying goes. So, while we’re all pretty relieved that at some point Roy Moore presumably will announce he wants to spend more time with his children, the wingnuts march on…a net neutrality vote by the FCC is scheduled for today, a deal is in the works to move the mother of all horrible tax legislation out of the conference committee…and in the House Judiciary Committee, die hards are pushing their latest nothingburger, a bizarre claim that a couple of FBI agents who were removed from Robert Mueller’s investigation last summer managed nonetheless to irreparably taint the investigation because, heaven forbid, they thought Donald Trump was…a pretty appalling human being.

Appalling…In other news, they agreed the sky is blue. And that grass is generally green.

I’m a little young to really remember Watergate as it happened, but can vaguely recall — and my memory is helped by books, television retrospectives, etc. — a few Nixon defenders stuck around to the bitter end, offering ever more desperate, implausible theories, explanations…anything to, if not exonerate Dick, at least excuse him, or excuse him enough. Until the tapes removed all doubt.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth by the likes of Louis Gohmert and others yesterday is starting to have that same sound if not same smell. And with the special election in Alabama…well, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but maybe, hopefully, enough people are finally getting it.

Besides, the FBI agents dismissed from the Mueller investigation were exchanging anti-Trump text message on or around the time when, on national television, he quite literally defended the size of his penis. Eww.