The Real “His Accidency”


Let’s not even bother with his hair, which to my distracted ears (more on that in a second) seemed to garner more attention than it deserved (because we already knew the hair was/is as fraudulent as the head it sits on, um, over)…Michael Wolff’s new book, excerpted in NY Mag, mixed and matched at least a few yarns (thanks Adrastos for that observation) with the very real fact that, yeah, this whole sorry spectacle is a reality show gone badly, terribly wrong.

According to Wolff, and this seems plausible, Trump himself didn’t care or expect to actually get elected, but thanks to a political bombogenesis, we have someone in office who makes Andrew Jackson or Warren Harding seem eminently qualified in comparison. Trump was apparently as surprised as anyone, but once he grasped the news, he had to pretend his little hands…weren’t so little.

Just me, but…let’s start with the truly stupid email nothingburger. The media went overboard on that one, and I’d bet money it was strictly to adhere to a “both sides” outlook…even as they ignored Trump’s VERY real, um, I was going to say scandals, but call them what they are: crimes. He was — and might still be — a full service laundromat for mobbed-up Russian cash, but I don’t recall near the interest in that as in…”but her emails.” It’s so obvious that Bannon– they say he’s Wolff’s big source — flat out admits it, resulting in what could be a first: POTUS asserting that his former aide is “nothing to me,” while calling for his political if not literal defenestration.

Add to that, I dunno, there’s the “let’s HATE HATE HATE HRC” stuff that I never understood. No, I’m not falling over for Hillary, but I couldn’t get the intense hatred even some people I usually respect had for Clinton. No, she’s not Bernie, no, she’s not Barack, no, she’s not Bill (these days, not being Bill should be considered a plus), but particularly given the alternative…hell, if nothing else, save the fury for after the election. Because, like it or not, the system, which includes the undemocratic (and demonstrably stupid) Electoral College, meant anything anti-HRC benefitted DJT…bigly…hugely…

And so…the bomb cyclone came. And Trump now sits on the throne and (not sure if I actually buy this) allegedly eats cheeseburgers in bed while watching three televisions, like an overgrown child mimicking LBJ. Sad. But also frightening for all of us. Sure, Kelly, Mattis, et al, the grownups, might manage to dissuade DJT from nuclear war with North Korea, and good lord let’s hope they would if it came to that, but…there’s plenty of other damage The Donald can do. And the GOP caucus is more than willing to go along (e.g., the tax  cut bill from hell)…

So, rant concluded. Went a little long, and is posting a little early, but as I said, I’m distracted. Looks like either the cold weather or a terrible coincidence did a number on my water heater at a very, very wrong time, and I’ll be paying a premium to get it replaced. Finding a qualified plumber during an extended hard freeze is…difficult. Hope I can solicit some good luck thoughts as I try to get this taken care of…

One thought on “The Real “His Accidency”

  1. Not for nothin’, but LBJ had more real Presidential gravitas in the clippings of his toenails than this jumped-up New York real estate crook and all his minders can pull together …


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