Darrell Issa Calls It A Sunrise


Modest credit for managing to read hard-to-ignore auspices, sunny Southern California becoming less and less Issa-friendly. Perhaps there was a legacy element to his holding office, i.e., following in the stead of Nixon, Reagan, etc. (some of the most conservative people I’ve ever met were from the region)…but, will never be upset about one less wingnut to kick around. Good riddance, car-alarm Vlad.

The New York Times, of course, sees this as a chance to … admonish Democrats with a veiled warning: don’t get TOO Blue. Moderation, Moderation…sigh

…a district that is affluent and increasingly moderate.

Wouldn’t want to threaten the affluence…

On the other hand…IOKIYAR

As chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Mr. Issa routinely ripped into Mr. Obama, his aides and his cabinet, as well as their handling of a gunrunning investigation known as Fast and Furious, the Internal Revenue Service’s slow-walking of political groups’ applications for nonprofit status, the terrorist attack on an American government compound in Benghazi, Libya, and many other matters.

Meanwhile, Team Trump thought they’d try something novel — earmarks and favoritism/partisanship. How about that…Plus ça change…