Oh Look: A Box Of Thoughts And Prayers


Bet you can find it on the same aisle that has the sailboat fuel.

More seriously, if thoughts and prayers actually stood a prayer’s chance, why didn’t it stop yesterdays shooting? Or the one before that, or the one before that, or the one before that, etc.?

Already we’re seeing the grim ritual repeat itself, and we will for the next week or so, after which all is forgotten … until the cycle repeats.

Well, forgotten by us.

For those who manage to survive, life is altered dramatically, in ways we rarely hear about and hardly ever consider.

All because gun nuts insist that actual, certified nuts should be allowed to purchase/possess any gun on-demand. Makes you wonder who the real nuts are…


5 thoughts on “Oh Look: A Box Of Thoughts And Prayers

  1. Michael D. Storey says:

    Our fear, our greatest fear, is not ‘gun nuts’ it’s the fear fear that spineless politicians show in the face of them


    • Crystal Guillot says:

      The only spineless politicians are those who pander to irrational constituents who want to dismantle the United States Constitution.


    • gratuitous says:

      I believe our country is bound to keep doing the same thing over and over again because a certain well-funded and influential segment of our population is getting precisely the results they want, and they make damn sure we keep doing the same thing.


  2. Crystal Guillot says:

    Generalizations of a group of people is usually a sign of misinformation. Good luck with your fight against “fake news”.


  3. USA Teabagged says:

    MAGA : Military Assault Guns Available


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