The Smartest Guy In The Room


As I’m sure you heard, yesterday Trump blurted out something that, had it been said by pretty much any Democrat, would’ve generated quite the spittle-flecked right wing rage-reaction

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,”

Hmm…you don’t often hear the person who’s job is to see the laws be faithfully executed say fuck the law…

But, best as I can tell, the wingnut response has been…crickets. Nothing.

Well, that’s because one, everyone knows it’s bullshit. Trump, as usual, has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s another “no one knew healthcare could be so complicated” moment, or, like late last year with his statements re: DACA. Less Lucy and the football and more empty calories. Political Diet Coke (if Diet Coke had calories).

When it comes to matters of significant public policy, Trump is simultaneously irrelevant but frightening: after all he’s still the president, and is in a position to wreak havoc if/when he isn’t scatterbrained or otherwise distracted…or worse, hit with a significant crisis that neither he nor his dwindling inner circle of advisers have the capacity to deal with. If that happens…

All that said, though, we did get a good look yesterday at just how Trump works. A combination of ignorance, bluster…telling people what they want to hear…and meaningless promises. Not surprising. Just typical behavior of someone who was born into privilege but thinks he’s earned it.

Three more years…