Wake Up Call?


Well…with the election results in Wisconsin being the latest indication, let’s hope like hell it is. Not that I’m any authority — I still remember being astonished on election day 2016, but so were lots of others. Others who are letting their voices be heard.

Sure, Trump still has his cult-like minions, who really would let him shoot someone on 5th avenue (or pay hush money hide an affair), but they aren’t the majority, and there’s no reason to lay down to them.

And Trump himself is both an embarrassment and a danger. We’ve been extremely fortunate — or lucky — that there’s been no catastrophe so far, but if/when there is…and besides, as a friend has told me several times, every day Trump remains in office is, if nothing else, an affront to basic decency. The bar is set so low the revelation that Trump is a “subject” and not (yet) a “target” of Robert Mueller (at least in part because some thing a sitting president by law can’t be indicted); anyway, that revelation is greeted by Trump as some sort of vindication.

So…fuck ’em. Don’t try to reason or see their point or otherwise compromise. Outvote them in November, and outvote them again in 2020…time to wake up.