MAGA: My Attorney Got Arrested


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Whether recent events contribute directly to the end of Amateur Hour/The Apprentice POTUS Edition, they do keep it on the defensive…I think that’s a good thing (or is a wounded Trump a dangerous Trump? And, lord help us, what would a Pence presidency be like?)

[B]y pleading guilty Cohen has implicated the president in a conspiracy to commit federal crimes. Cohen admitted that Trump directed him to commit felonies, and in the ordinary course of things, Trump would be getting indicted. These crimes are more serious than lying about a sexual dalliance with a White House intern, although I’m not quite ready to say that, on their own, they amount to a high crime. As part of a larger case arguing for removal from office, these criminal acts should play a supporting rather than a leading role.

…the one thing Trump probably cannot survive even in a Republican-led Senate is confirmation that the Steele Dossier was correct about Cohen traveling to Prague. That is the most serious allegation in the entire Russia investigation.

Trump himself is swaying between his usual belligerent outbursts and milder criticisms…I also think we’ll see him making more speeches to the GOP base, which looks to be his comfort zone. This could be about as best as we can hope — if he’s on the defensive and/or delivering rambling, free association wingnut tripe to his adoring minions, it’s that much less time he has to destroy our country.

Elections have consequences. And that’s truer than ever for the upcoming midterms.