Trump Ship


He’s your captain.

And…just another reminder that DJT’s cloddish, boorish, ignorant and embarrassing reactions to a significant natural disaster are a feature, not a bug. What anyone with a modest amount of, I don’t know, intelligence, maturity, empathy, whatever, finds appalling, MAGAs find appealing. The chronic, pathological lying, the gaslighting…the nomination of a total creep like Brett Kavanaugh (who’s clearly a liar and a scumbag, whether you think he’s also guilty of sexual assault or not)…it’s all baked in the (sheet) cake.

The midterm is a chance to reject the sort of cartoonish lunacy that considers an empty calorie summit with Kim Jong Un a great achievement…or to endorse it. What kind of country do we want?

Hopefully not one that wants a shitheel like Trump at the top…