They’re All In With Him


Never Trump was never much to begin with…and definitely stick a fork in it now.

Republicans have also exploited their insulting thesis that #MeToo is really about lying or delusional women falsely accusing men, which they are trying to spin into a female lament about sons and husbands and fathers and brothers being the real victims.

Then there are the down ballot acolytes

A Republican lawmaker in Minnesota is under fire for snatching the microphone away from his Democratic rival during a debate.

The two had been passing a single microphone back and forth, sharing their thoughts on a wide variety of issues. However, as Mahlberg was answering a question about linking education funding to the Consumer Price Index, Quam raised a card indicating he would like a rebuttal. Instead of waiting for Mahlberg to pass him the mic, he seized it from her hands…After Quam was finished speaking, he tried to pass the mic back to Mahlberg, but she literally wasn’t having it. When she didn’t take the microphone from him, he tossed it in front of her.

The GOP is Trump, and he is the GOP.

Come to think of it, that’s probably been the case for some time. Maybe it hid behind  cheerier or at least most respectable facades, but you can go back a generation and find the kind of hostility that’s DJT’s trademark. Plus, it’s not like Nixon (or Wallace) appealed to the better angels of our existence.

It’s his party.

3 thoughts on “They’re All In With Him

  1. It seems that every time Needy Amin chalks up another win, his cohort just gets angrier. Lindsey Graham is having conniptions right now about Kavanaugh’s promotion to the Supreme Court. From what I can tell, Graham’s fit is mostly about how the Democrats made him work for it, while completely eliding over the amount of Kavanaugh’s record that was hidden away from the committee and the American people, and the refusal by Grassley even to entertain a motion to go into executive session so that Kavanaugh could be asked about some of the sordid details of his time working for Ken Starr and George W. Bush.

    1. “Needy Amin” is the best nickname I’ve ever seen for the guy some of us call Dolt .45. Can I steal it?

  2. Agree with you totally on the lack of emphasis or focus on the hiding away of Kavanaugh’s record. Sure, it was mentioned once or twice, but then, yeah, elided over. Instead, the Ford letter was leaked, the media focus on the letter became an obsession — partly with good intention (sexual assault is a serious offense), partly though because, well, least common denominator (personal confrontation, sex, etc., make for high drama)…for all his bluster, Brett Kavanaugh got away with not only a felony sexual assault, but with who knows what else, given that the documents are sealed.

    I also wonder who leaked the Ford letter. The cynic in me has a few guesses.

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