Mission Accomplished! The Remake


Gee, who knew — is 45, deep down, a peace-loving pacifist? Of course not, but this underscores how limited the president really is: oh, they’ll let him sign bills, bark up a storm on Twitter or at rallies, and even release a Rose Garden video, but his grand pronouncements might as well be delivered while playing on the White House swing set.

I’d set odds of no worse than 50-50 that in a week, like so many other DJT pronouncements, it will be forgotten, swept under a rug…and with surprisingly little followup from the media (e.g., it’s rare to see or hear news reports noting Trump insisted, over and over, Mexico would pay for a border wall).

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, then as opera buffa. Toy soldiers have more gravitas and authority.

“I alone can fix it.” Oh, he’s in a fix alright.