Worst Hallmark Christmas Movie Ever


Get over it, Virginia…

“Besides, Santa could be Russia, he could be China, he could be a guy sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds … a real Santa would stop the witch hunt … put Crooked Hillary on his shit list …”

“I’m like, really smart, see? On trade, we’re being played for suckers … they need to start paying for our protection … I tell you, it’s a disgrace, a real disgrace … believe me, many people are saying this …”

“No, wait, wait, excuse me, EXCUSE ME … that was a very stupid question. A stupid question … I know nothing about it. My attorney handles that, my attorney who only did a bit of public relations work now and again.”

“I have to go. I’m leaving for a surprise visit to the troops. Merry Christmas, and you can thank me for winning the war on Christmas so that you can say Merry Christmas again, even if Santa is marginal. You’re seven. Deal with it.”

“Happy Holidays.”

One thought on “Worst Hallmark Christmas Movie Ever

  1. Ik wor moe van Trump: Alsof er niks anders op de wereld bestaat! Trump hier, Trump daar, Trump overal en doet het licht uit. Welterusten * 27 – 12 – 2018 * Groetjes uit Groot Mokum.

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