Friday Catblogging: Obligatory Box Picture

We spent the night in Red Stick on Christmas Eve and returned home the next afternoon. Della Street was indignant. Paul Drake was pitiful. Some things never change.

We revived PD’s spirits with a new box:

2 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Obligatory Box Picture

  1. friedab2015 says:

    Leuk … , zwart-wit poesje met ‘n vlekje op zijn neusje. You wil look an my * * of yesterday befor, with the titel: ‘LAY-OUT- out- out! OUT’ and you wil find my cat on my bag with sharp nails on her claws … Elfriede, 28 – 12 – 2018 * Amsterdam * Holland *

  2. Cats do love an empty box!

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