So, Did I Miss Anything While I Was Away?


Wow — there are places in the world where people live their lives without the unwelcome and unpleasant truth that our own country is nominally headed by a guy who can’t get out of bed or away from the television most days (and that’s probably for the best…really. I mean, do we actually want this guy doing anything besides muting the commercials now and again?).

That said, and also having thankfully missed the Toddler SOTU, I did see it included a firm warning about the dangers of socialism…from someone who’s almost certainly up to his eyes or beyond in debt to Russians. Wow. That he wasn’t immediately drummed from the stage by the echoes of divine/derisive laughter — and likewise manged to get through the national prayer breakfast without something similar — suggests either a lack of divine presence, or maybe that the Supreme Being is telling us something…something like, “Medamnit, Trump’s your problem. You deal with it.”

Two more years…or, heaven forbid, six…