Small Hands, Large Checks


So, we’re now being told that Donald Trump, who routinely stiffed or underpaid contractors, and once cashed a thirteen cent check, was maybe just paying a $35 thousand dollar monthly retainer to Michael Cohen, and not $420 thousand dollars for specific services rendered, i.e., payoffs, plus a bonus, for sweeping embarrassing details of his personal life under the rug long enough to keep it out of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Sorry, that doesn’t pass the laugh test.

Besides, if it is strictly a retainer, then consider what that could also be for, i.e., lying to Congress, insurance fraud, possible money laundering…and more.

Yesterday’s closed door hearing with Cohen came complete with boxes of documents. That’s a lot of retaining, particularly from someone as (small) hands-on as Trump.

Remember, he takes great pride in being greedy

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