A Somewhat Personal Opinion of The Trump Base


Somewhat personal because I agree with Adrastos and assume most of you feel the same. To use a metaphor in honor of the first black hole photo, they’re beyond the event horizon. To steal a line from Malcolm Tucker, they’re so dense, light bends around them.

They’re also arrogant. It starts at the very top, but William Barr’s testimony dripped with contempt…and then there’s the flat out refusal to comply with a clear law giving Congress authority to review tax records.

It’s the read meat — please the base by owning the libs.

But I still think it’s a bluff, and I still think it’s pretty much all they’ve got. They’re hiding something, and it’s likely awful (though the base won’t care because…beyond the event horizon)…

Without anything better, they’ll try to brazen it out, see if they can score points by portraying the Democrats as both weak AND monstrous socialist menace (consistency’s not a strong suit with the MAGASSes).

And part of me fears the Dems might fall into the trap. They’re complaining, but so far I haven’t seen much else. That’s not good.

I keep trying to imagine the shit-storm if the tables were somehow turned … difficult, given there’s really no Democratic Trump or rabid Fox Noise watching base … but, then again, it’s not like they were particularly civil to the legitimately elected and not-at-all-corrupt Obama administration.

But all that said, bluffs and cons are all Trump knows. And his core supporters? Hopeless suckers…

2 thoughts on “A Somewhat Personal Opinion of The Trump Base

  1. Barr should be taken into custody by the Sergeant At Arms of the House for contempt, taken to the basement, and a long and intimate conversation with Mr. Taser until he comes clean.

    Light him up!

    1. Yeah, I’ve also wondered why Democrats won’t at least threaten contempt charges. The contrast is amazing: GOop-ers (both in this and in the Bush Jr. administration) do everything short of literally spit on Democrats; but when they hold the House, they browbeat witnesses. Are Dems afraid? Hate to say it, but I think so…

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