“No One Said Anything About The Full Mueller”


That’s what I think Barr will be repeating over and over shortly from now as he and the rest of the team see just how thoroughly they can spin and how gullible the press corpse [sic] might be in swallowing, hook, line, sinker…rod and reel…whatever bullshit they can push (“lightly redacted”???).

And…not to get all political, but…to get all political, it’s not like anyone’s mind will be changed by this report, or any report. The Trumpeteers are all in, Trump has decided that’s his play for another term, i.e., divide the country and see if he can squeak out another Electoral College win or at best a bare victory that he’ll insist (“many people are saying”) is the greatest and best of all time…and his cult will hypnotically nod in agreement.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding? They won’t nod hypnotically, they’ll scream, yell, stomp their feet, burn rubber in parking lots, and otherwise continue to be as obnoxious as ever…or worse. Much, much worse.

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on ““No One Said Anything About The Full Mueller”

  1. “Lightly redacted,” meaning “Whatever we don’t want to see the light of day will be redacted.”

    I had to look real hard for it, but the silver lining I finally descried is that these boobs will not be able to cover everything up completely There will be little clues and pointers left in the unredacted portions that will indicate some of the material that was excised.

    I’m hoping that the media don’t fall for Barr’s pronouncements again like they did for his three and a half page summary-that-was-not-a-summary-so-stop-saying-that. He’s earned a little skepticism, O bulldogs of the Fourth Estate.

    1. What amazes me is that the press ALWAYS accepts Trump’s words at face value, even though he’s a chronic liar. “No collusion” should be proof enough on its own of…collusion.

      And no way does Trump survive the kind of scrutiny Matt Yglesias outlined in what he called the “Clinton Rules.” Oh, the media collectively clutched their pearls and reached for smelling salts when he disparaged their grand, sanctified hero, John McCain. But the sustained effort to kneecap both Bill and Hillary (note: neither is my favorite, but yeah, I voted for both at least once, lesser of evils and all that)…anyway, if the press put in some real effort, they might find with DJT the very stuff — and quite a bit more — they were so eager to pin on WJC and HRC…just saying.

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