Gaslighter In Chief


No real surprise with this or any other stunt Trump pulls between now and election day. He’s testing, prodding, pulling, doing whatever he can think of to undermine both traditions AND actual laws while insisting it’s either all in our minds, or that he’s the real victim, or what about Hillary, and, hey, look over there…

Of course the elite media eats it all up, playing the we’re-so-savvy game…I’ll bet at least some of them can hardly wait to ensure they’re not tainted with librul cooties and take a rental car to the nearest Real-America-Diner-and Coffeeshop, where two regulars at the counter morph into The People.


Trump, for all his rabid, fervid, base — and his “feral survival instinct” — is weak, and should be treated that way. He’s bluffing, like he’s done his whole life (bankrupting a casino? How do you do that? It’s like falling off the floor)? He’s hoping he can bully and bluster his way through.

Caution won’t work. He has to be confronted. Otherwise…yeah.