Dear Democrats: Show Some Spine, Don’t Back Down, Don’t Be Intimidated


Don’t make this the new DNC logo

Trump’s been wounded — by the Mueller report, by the recent NY Times revelations, Deutsche Bank is allegedly cooperating with investigators, etc., etc. — and like lots of wounded animals, his feral survival instincts are kicking in.

So yeah, he’s lashing out, he going all-in with the only thing he knows how to do: the Roy Cohn defense. Petulance as policy. Threaten, holler, play the victim, scream about your enemies…but hope like all hell they back down.

Because it’s all a bluff.

Sure, if they let him, Trump WILL destroy whatever he can to save his skin…and he’s got an ally in the GOP itself, which met him more than halfway long before he descended the escalator. But he’s not invincible…yet.

So, Democrats, please don’t play political calculus games, don’t pore over polling data, don’t twist yourself in knots trying to placate the non-existent Reagan Democrats.

Investigate the hell out of this crook, and if it leads to impeachable offenses (hint: it does), impeach.

He’s a fucking full-service laundromat for mobbed up cash from all over the globe. He’s a loser businessman with terrible instincts  — so if he thinks impeachment is an out/will let him off the hook, consider how wrong he always is. He got “elected” only by the weirdest of flukes, while benefiting from some particularly heavy-handed Clinton bashing by foreign governments, the FBI and The Village/Establishment. He’s not popular. He obstructs justice. If allowed to, he’ll kill whatever’s left of our democratic institutions.

If that still doesn’t register, think of it like this: if Nancy Pelosi went after Donald Trump and the GOP with half the zeal with which she’s gone after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other recently elected Democrats (who, ahem, represent the party’s future), consider how far she might get…just saying.