Versus This Guy


Prior to boarding Air Force One for his trip to Japan, Trump gave us another glimpse into what makes him tick —  voices in his head

On Wednesday morning, hours after news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller will testify before Congress in a public setting on July 17, President Donald Trump called in to Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business show for a lengthy phone interview that was especially unhinged, even by his standards.

It was a surreal affair from start to finish. But even during its wildest moments, Bartiromo pretended to understand what Trump was talking about and acted as though he was making profound points. In that respect, it illustrated how Trump-friendly media — Fox News and Fox Business in particular — normalize an obviously abnormal president.

Shortly after the interview ended, Bartiromo appeared on Fox News and pretended as though Trump’s performance was normal.

”The president is who is he, and that’s why he has his base and the loyal supporters that he has,” she said. “He’s not afraid to say — to tell it the way it is. And he was very straightforward and I think that’s why people like him.”

And that’s the real debate. Right there. Regardless of who emerges from the Democratic Party’s nominating process, they’ll face off against a guy who regularly sounds like he’s gone off his meds, but who nonetheless has a lock on the GOP base. Fox Noise will do their best to normalize him. The rest of us will hopefully see who him for the idiot, narcissistic, lunatic crook he is.

As for last night, I’d choose ANY of them over Trump. And I’d take any of the one’s scheduled for tonight, and what the hell, I’d even take any of the two or three who didn’t make the cut.

Trump’s a nut. He must go. It’s that simple.

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  1. Hitler was toch ook zo’n LUL. Toen was er géén tv . . . Ach, trek door die hap! Mijn ex-vriendin zei altijd: “Friet! Je moet niet in de stront gaan zitten roeren, anders gaat het stinken.” Dit is plat Amsterdams . . . Ik hou daarvan: Recht voor z’n raap, klaar. Ik vind het wel stom en ongelukkig . . . , dat zij mijn vriendin niet meer is, dus is zij het ook nooit geweest. Laat gaan. Vanaf 22 juni 2019 ben ik bezig met me blog: ‘Zeikwijf van 100 kilo’ . . . Dat is oppoetsen & afstoffen . . . Ja, ik blijf ermee bezig.Groetjes From Holland, Amsterdam, 27 juni 2019, 17.35 uur . . . * *

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