OK Democrats, That Was Your Moment Of Zen Mueller


And as moments, or all day hearings, it wasn’t awful, despite the spin from the goddamn-I-wish-it-were-actually-librul media. Mueller showed up, he spoke — sure, he didn’t produce a smoking gun or gotcha moment, or declare there was a cancer on the presidency (in a rich, mellifluous soothing dad voice) — which caused some to declare the whole thing a draw. Both sides. Boooring.

Well, as politics go, duh. Because you’ve got an entire political party — hint, the GOP — that’s gone full cult/full Kool-Aid/full Donald Trump could shoot a man…or at least launder money/conspire with Russians/pay off women he’s had trysts or affairs with, and they’ll say it’s fine. They’re not going to give a shit about Robert Mueller’s investigation. They WILL go out of their way to slime the guy in trying to protect Dear Leader. And they did. On TV.

Funny how those optics don’t upset Chuck Todd.

But the Democrats…and unfortunately, it’s always “but the Democrats,” or at least the Democratic leadership…the leadership is still dragging it’s feet. Yesterday you had the straightest of straight arrows, war veteran, former FBI head, under oath, saying the President of the United States is a fucking crook. But they’re gonna bail on the logical next step? WTF?

No, you don’t have to hold another impeachment vote, but time to investigate the hell out of the motherfucker(s).

Political calculation? Playing that game is exactly why people go “both sides” and write off the Democrats as having no spine and no principles. Letting the GOP con you for a generation into playing GOP LiteĀ  — or worse, GOP janitor, cleaning up their giant messes every few years — is a sucker’s game.

Act like you care. Donald Trump is a horrible human being, a misogynist, a bully, a creep, and a crook. Investigate, impeach…and especially, lead.

If you blow this, you won’t get another chance.