Some People Just Want To See The World Burn



This should make it pretty clear there’s no sense in trying to compromise with or otherwise normalize Trump — he and his minions are fucking psychotic

The paper, which the award panel commended for its “ambitious scope, rigor, and creativity,” is the work of Michael Bang Petersen and Mathias Osmundsen, both political scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark, and Kevin Arceneaux, a political scientist at Temple.

It argues that a segment of the American electorate that was once peripheral is drawn to “chaos incitement” and that this segment has gained decisive influence through the rise of social media.

The intense hostility to political establishments of all kinds among what could be called “chaos voters” helps explain what Pew Research and others have found: a growing distrust among Republican voters of higher education as well as empirically based science, both of which are increasingly seen as allied with the liberal establishment.

Trump’s expertise, in this view, lies in his ability to capitalize on the fear of chaos. “Populist movements,” McDermott and Hatemi write, “rely on inflammatory rhetoric to create a tribal ‘us versus them’ condition — this type of environment instigates neural mechanisms from the evolutionary desire to be part of the group.”

Might Trump and his loyal supporters seek to bring down the system if he is defeated in 2020? What about later, if the damage he has inflicted on our customs and norms festers, eroding the invisible structures that underpin everything that actually makes America great?

A political leader who thrives on chaos, relishes disorder and governs on the principle of narcissistic self-interest is virtually certain to find defeat intolerable. If voters deny Trump a second term, how many of his most ardent supporters, especially those with a “need for chaos,” will find defeat unbearable?

About all I can add is most of these chaos voters don’t have the first clue of what a real crisis is, and would certainly beg for help from the government they allegedly hate if one actually hit them. Until then, they’re more than willing to set it all on fire for their amusement, at the expense of all of us…

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  1. You have to speak to them in the language that they understand:

    “Two in the noggin”

  2. I Love the pic of trump/Joker. I hadn’t seen this one, yet He is the combo of Penney Wise & The Joker. Scary, NO???

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