American Red State Gothic


Trump and his buddy Rudy keep flailing around like they’re in quicksand as the Ukrainian spin fails to get any real traction beyond the right wing media and the base that’s, well, pretty gullible to begin with.

I keep thinking about how the MAGAt, rural, (white), diner dwellers bought, hook, line, sinker…rod and reel…the sales pitch of someone who’s lived his whole life in New York City…who’s idea of nature is golf…while Ghouliani looks like the kind of person who’d wear a suit visiting a farm. Yeah, real red-staters.

Their elected representatives aren’t exactly open to reason either.

Which means impeachment, regardless of how it’s done (narrow versus broad, quick versus longer in duration) won’t be a coming together in bipartisan harmony. Democrats will have to move this along minus any dream Republican Hero scenario…and accept that, no, they won’t get a conviction, but instead need to use this as a political lesson to, not the lost cause (in more ways than one) MAGAt GOP base, but the people who were never very comfortable with Trump to begin with.

As for DJT himself, no, he’s not playing 11 dimensional chess. Sure, he’ll do anything to motivate his base, but claiming he’s courting impeachment is a pretty desperate attempt to polish a giant turd. Besides, his base won’t put him over the finish line…or at least won’t without a combination of massive fraud, voter suppression, and unprecedented muddying the waters. He also got a remarkably free ride in the last election (“her emails”).

And he’s still bluffing.

One thought on “American Red State Gothic

  1. Don and Rudy need to be in adjoining rooms in the nursing home, so they can babble their dementia to each other, and can’t make it past the electronic lock on the door.

    Yeah, I’m feeling overly nice today.

    What they deserve? Adjacent spots on the gallows.

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