Meltdown Of The Week


Pretty sure that pretty soon it’s going to be meltdown of the day or even meltdown of the hour as DJT becomes simultaneously more unhinged but more willing to offer fresh material to a news cycle that just can’t quit him.

And speaking of can’t quit, nope, the GOP won’t, or can’t. Sure, individuals break off, but to date NOTHING Trump’s done will keep the lemming mass of the party from following him off the cliff. Hell, down here in the Gret Stet, one of the remaining candidates for governor proudly declares himself in favor of DJT in, I think, most or all of his ads.

Democrats, there’s no GOP hero to step in and save you/give you permission to, um, do the right thing and ITMFA. Same with the media — you feed your DJT addiction at your peril. Fake News has already morphed into Enemy of the People. Do you not get those are fighting words? What will it take to realize he’ll gladly accept real casualties?

And finally…as I’ve said previously, he’s bluffing. Yeah, his base is substantial. But it’s not a majority. Most of us still want to live in civil society, if not the civilized world.

One thousand days in…

Oh, and to change the subject briefly, obviously I’ve only just heard about Elijah Cummings and can only say I’m shocked to hear and may he rest in peace.